Do we need to install UEFI security updates for Intel NUCs?

Intel sometimes fixes security issues in the UEFI for their NUC computers. Do I need to install them when using a NUC only with ROCK? As I’m right, I can’t install the updates headless.

To do, you need to boot with F2 pressed and enter the VisualBIOS and apply the firmware/BIOS update.
However, my view - ROCK will be operating on a home network behind a Firewall, whether one in the ISP’s router (BT HomeHub, Virgin Media, Talk Talk Router etc.) or a separate device/layer configured by someone with network understanding. Roon Core is not serving content/service out on to the public internet, but an internal network protected by the NAT solution within that network, and therefore the later Security updates on the NUCs don’t apply, once ROCK can be run.


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Thanks for your thoughts. So I will wait until I’ve a Display in access. :wink: