Do you add full albums or favourited tracks

Hi all,

Trying to streamline (no pun intended) my streaming services and how I add songs to my libraries (Qobuz through Roon and Apple Music).

Do you:

A. Add whole albums and favourite individual tracks in Roon; or

B. Add individual tracks only meaning you would have incomplete albums but only those tracks you actually like.

I guess to some degree this depends on whether you are a song or an album person would would be interested to know.

Many thanks!

I always keep the whole album but will make a playlist of the songs I like.

I am full album guy for both adding and listening. As a Prog lover the albums usually are a concept and require total listening.

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Full albums for me initially, however, I “like” the tracks that are good to me and sometimes delete the annoying ones. I also make playlists and bookmarks for varying purposes.


Tracks only. Typically an album will have one or two tracks I like.

Interesting, I add only full albums. I consider an album as a single piece of art and will judge it as such. In fact, if an album only contains a couple tracks that I think are good, I will consider it unworthy of my time and dismiss the album completely. But I guess it also depends on the kind of music or artist you listen to: some are more track focused, while others are more conceptual where the album format makes more sense.


Full albums

Very similar to @bearFNF here.
Always add full albums.
If I generally like the album overall I will heart the complete album AND heart any tracks within I consider standouts.

That way I have a nice playlist ready made of hearted tracks that I can shuffle play.

I do occasionally delete a track from an album if it truly annoys me.

But I do find myself deleting tracks from Roon suggested playlists that I save to be more common.

Albums, always albums. And I usually listen to full albums as well, though I do use playlists of favorites also.

Full albums. I would like to have some kind of holding area - I often read about or come across a link to an album that piques my interest, so I add it to my library, but I would prefer to kind of half add it, as in check this out later, rather than fully add it to my library. The problem that streaming from (in my case) Qobuz creates is that there is simply too much to listen to. I get a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities and lose sight of the important stuff.


I put full albums that could interest me in a playlist “to try” ( still 745 tracks to go….:hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:).
When I have time I listen to the album and add the tracks I like to my library ( or the complete album if I like most tracks) thereafter I delete the album from my “to try” playlist.
Works well for me

Full albums for me. An album will occasionally have a really bad song like that stupid Piggies on the Beatles white album. Those tracks get banned so I never have to listen to them.

Definitely full albums, although I’ll occasionally add a new track released in advance of an upcoming album which I’ll then delete on release. I don’t really use playlists, except for setlists of a few concerts I’ve been to.


Hey Jez,
Try making a playlist called “albums to check out” and save the track from the album you like (or the first track of the album) to the playlist. That way nothing is added to your library and now you have a holding area for albums to check out.


Sometimes full albums, sometimes individual tracks.

That’s a good idea. I kind of do that sometimes, but it’s more clicks on my iPad to do so, so I end up just using the add to library button since it is a single click. I guess I should be more disciplined. I’ve just got so much stuff in my library, and I can’t remember how or why it got there.

For me it depends on genre. In most cases I add full albums, certainly for Jazz, Classical, and singer songwriter. If I am on Tidal or in a discovery playlist and I like the song, I sometimes favorite a song in Tidal which adds the song only in Roon.

I will add single tracks to playlists but only full albums to library in Roon. Modern independent pop artists habitually put out single tracks, so I will add those as there is no album for them to go in. If an album comes out later that has that track on it, I will delete the single track and keep the album…given that the mastering is the same.

I’m 62 so I still think in terms of albums. As a precursor if Roon Radio throws up something interesting (tapping into my Qobuz subscription) I add the track that caught my attention to my “To Investigate” playlist and if my subsequent investigations are successful I add one or more of that artist’s albums to my library. Then, if that artist has got under my skin a few weeks later, I buy downloads of the albums I like from the Qobuz store. This method of operation works for me.


I have a Tag @Artiists to Check

I just add an album to it, then clean up periodically

The @ Keeps it on the top row of Tags

I add only albums but my main usage is Classical