Do you have a lot of music. How do you organize it?

Roon has lots of nice categories. However, my 3500 high def files don’t categorize very nicely when I try them. It seems that there is no conformity between the tagged information across the High fidelity and Quboz sites I bought them from. Do you modify the tags to make the artist names conform from album to album. What is a good tag editor for flac files these days. And how do you avoid Roon from getting confused when using the editor. How do you assure that it knows each track belongs to one album.

To answer one of your questions, I recommend Yate for the Mac. Comprehensive, friendly and fast user support.


Roon - like every music player I know - considers a set of tracks to be an album if and only if the tracks have the same Album Artist and the same album Title. Artist (a different field from Album Artist) can differ from track to track.

Rule No.1:
Organize your files in separate folders representing the “albums” you want identified.

Rule No.2:
Make sure the individual files in thes album-folders are named so that the track order can be established. (I.e. “01 Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run.wav”, “02 Grateful Dead - American Beauty.wav” etc etc)

Thats pretty much it. Roon will never “identify” a mixed assortment of files, as the basic concept is: Albums
If you are a playlist kinda’ guy Roon wont be your best friend, possibly…

This is an example how I handle the music:

M:\DIGITAL MUSIC ARCHIVE\The Who \ (1971) Who’s Next [SHM-SACD, DSF] {2010, Polydor, UIGY-9022}

I also edit the information in MP3TAG (free for PC). I always change the metadata for all purchased downloads as well.

I have changed the settings in Roon to include information about the release { }
So in the example, this information is visable in roon: 2010, Polydor, UIGY-9022
Great to know if you have multiple editions of same album.

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