Do you have a Qobuz or Tidal account gathering dust? I've got an idea

Maybe like me you view your qobuz or tidal account as a sort of “emeregency friend”, the one you’ll contact last in the event that no one else is coming out to play :slight_smile:

As a result, I’ve been really not using my Qobuz account, just dipping into it’s riches very occasionally when I see an album I ain’t got yet and I’m just curious.

So… thinking laterally and combining with Roon’s super new Radio functionality, I’ve decided to put my Qobuz account to work.

I’ve set up a new Roon database on my desktop PC which is entirely empty and ONLY linked up my Qobuz account to it. Next I have added 1 album which I like and is already in my large HDD collection.

Using this one album as a “seed”, I start Roon radio and see where it leads with recommends, adding all albums which sound interesting, building a new collection from scratch and entirely virally, one album leading to the next, restarting the radio whenever I want on whichever album I’ve added to the fresh collection.

It’s fascinating. I’ve started out in a sort of Americana vein with a Valerie June album and it’s already thrown up some great new albums and bands I’ve never heard of. As time goes on and the genres diverge naturally, I’m genuinely curious to see where it leads.

Above all it’s breathed new life into my Qobuz music and, indeed, in my listening habits.

If you’ve got a lame appreciation of the streaming services, as I did, maybe give it a go. It could change your perception.

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My Tidal account certainly doesn’t gather any dust, but the new and improved Roon Radio has been very good at surfacing interesting music.