Do you have a website showing the new Roon Nucleus music server?

I’m a bit late to this… Is Roon Nucleus running on ROCK? What processors that you offer as well what is recommended distributors I can purchase?

Guy, nucleus runs rock…it basically a turn keyfor those who don’t want to or can’t build their own Fanless NUC setup.

Do you know where can I get more specifications, looks and build? Currently I’ve a NUC running on ROCK but I was looking for ‘optimised hardware’ platform that runs on Roon, this could be it.

If you are running a NUC with ROCK then you have done your own nucleus build. The only other difference would be the nucleus is fanless and I think perhaps has a LInear Power Supply…but I might be wrong on the power options.

The Nucleus is being offered through audio retailers such as Paragon Sight & Sound. It is more expensive than building your own NUC because of that distribution channel and is meant for folks who just want to plug it in and turn it on and enjoy the security of retail support.

Why is no i5 processor being offered in Nucleus? i3 is a little under-powered while i7 is too expensive. I think the sweet spot is i5 which currently I’m using and it meets all my requirements on up-sampling.

For what? It’s ample for >99% of libraries out there and can do anything PCM you can throw at it. The only place it suffers is DSD upsampling and convolution on DSD streams.

Exactly, I use primarily for PCM to DSD and DSD upsampling to my Holo Spring DAC. My existing linear power supply can only the power up to i5 power specifications. I believe i7 requires a more beefier power supply and generate more heat.

Nucleus isn’t going to do it for you then. Sounds like you need ROCK + NUC7i5 + Akasa fanless case + your LPS…

It is ample for upsampling to DSD512 in my core hifi zone…and can still be running a few others without DSP enabled…and never hiccup.

: )