Do you have problems with Roon functionality?

  • YES
  • NO

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Just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ votes please.

Let’s NOT let this be another debate! :grinning:


What is the point of this poll?

is Roon perfect yes or no? Is Roon good enough for you Yes or No? Are there things you’d like improved Yes or No? Does Roon drive you nuts Yes or No? Are you thinking of dropping your subscription Yes or No? Does life have a meaning Yes or No?


It’s just a ‘straw pole’ to assess customer satisfaction. Nothing too complicated, nor sophisticated.

It would be nice to see what proportion of users are basically happy with their Roon experience at present.

I’m super happy! But I also have problems with Roon functionality!
My problems are all my own doing - my Core is a 2010 Macbook that’s dying, and I have endpoints running on RPi 2’s over wifi. So yes I have problems, but wouldn’t want people to think that means I’m not happy. (So I didn’t answer)

Well at present 79% of users have problems. And thats within 2 hours of this poll going live. I would suggest either 79% of users are idiots or there are some fundamental issues with Roon that make it difficult to use like it is intended.

I’m in the 79%, nothing major but Roon is not working as I think it should. Thats not to say I’m right but more than likely Roon isn’t as easy to use as it could/should be???

That’s 79% who don’t have problems! :wink:

Like I said, it’s probably me :joy:


The basics:
Can I find my music by artist or album - yes
Does it lose music files - no
Can I play my music to an acceptable SQ - yes
Can I integrate streaming services - yes
There are many other feature but for me the above covers 85% of my requirements - is Roon perfect - no. Can it be improved - yes.


Serious fanboy thread!

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Just a ‘straw pole’ on customer satisfaction, at the mo’.

On cursory reading of the forum, it’s easy to get the impression that the majority of users have problems with Roon. Obviously people come here for help/support, which is its primary function.

But I just thought that this poll would highlight a more objective ‘measure’ of overall customer satisfaction with Roon.

What’s there is OK it’s whats not there that is a problem

I’ve just closed this poll, with just over 100 votes cast.

It looks like just over three-quarters of community members that voted are happy

And just about one quarter are unhappy. Statistically this is not a valid sample, but it still is food for thought.

Commercially speaking it would be a disastrous result for Roon if this poll were based on a valid sample.

Hmm, I can’t figure out how to vote yes or no.
My answer is yes.

The OP closed the poll a couple of days ago, sorry.

No, I do not.

yes - I have a NAD M10 - “Roon Ready bs/shenanigans”

who opens a poll like this and closes it when they like the numbers? Why not leave it open and let everyone vote?

Yes very frequently