Do you name your Roon Endpoints or is it just me?

Whenever I see pictures of someone’s signal path, I always check the endpoint’s name. By name, I mean the name you give your device not what the manufacturer named it (or model name and number). I am new to the community so I might not have seen much, but I want to share how I name my devices.

I have a diagram of how I plan to use my Roon system. It is a long-term project (two years, maybe) to complete all specified endpoints. I will name all Roon endpoints after characters from my favorite anime. I believe I am halfway the project, if we are talking about the count and not cost—I already have the AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, Sonos Port, and Sonos One SL; Sonos Five is on the way.

How do you name your endpoints?

[I am an INTJ—search for MBTI if you’re not familiar with it—so I (tend) to plan things ahead. Endpoint types, names, and locations have been thought out, especially the names. These are not random. Allow me to give you an example, when I play music to Katsuragi (Sonos Port)—either from Roon or from LP120—it will simultaneously play to Ayanami (Sonos One SL), Ikari (Sonos Beam), and Sōryū (Sonos Five). This alludes to the anime’s storyline where Katsuragi is the field commander of pilots Ayanami, Ikari, and Sōryū.

I have a Chromecast display (named Kaji), not shown, which automatically turns on when Katsuragi plays. Katsuragi and Kaji are/were lovers in the anime. Ooops.

If it isn’t obvious yet, the colors of the diagram are after the Roon 1.8 theme.]


My endpoints are named according to location… study, living room, wet room etc. The only exception is my Mojo / Poly because it goes with me.

Are you sure you’re an INTJ? Of course you are! You’re overthinking things. Now you know that, give endpoints meaningful names. :slight_smile:

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I name my endpoints by location. It’s the only way to keep them organized.

I name my Ropieee devices using the various names for the Moon goddess.

I name my machines after planets in the greatest sci-if literature ever written, i.e. Dune. Oh yeah, except for the laptop. That I call LV-426. No fair cheating by Googling that.

Simple amusements for my simple mind. :smirk:


A NINJA 🥷 also?

I number and name them by type, location and/or function. So, that way they are always sorted numerically in an easy to find listing.


I named mine Jethro, Bartholomew, Gloria, Virgil, and Henry.

(J/k, carry on.)

It is a multi-room system so each is named after the room location, as were the Sonos devices that preceeded Roon. Being an INTJ has little to do with it.

I use the GPS location of each endpoint.


Best suffixed with the date of setup and model number of device :+1:

Here’s dull in reality, I name by location for static endpoints (liking @Rugby’s numbering idea though) and device if locations ambiguous/variable. The only exception is my partners’ Audio Pro portable that we use in the kitchen. She insists that he’s called Boxy. I’m still having to sporadically resist attempts to “give him his full name”, Boxy McBoxface

I’d add height-above-sea-level to that to distinguish them even better…

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:rofl: After the famous boat, no doubt.

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That’s the one, they do have a distinctive look TBF

My kitchen endpoint is called JULIA, after Julia Child. The bedroom endpoint is called ONEIROS, for sleepy times. The endpoint in my partner’s room is called DUNGEON MASTER because of his fondness for Visigoth (band) and general grrr persona. The main rig endpoint in the lounge is called BOOMTOWN! because that’s where the big noise happens :slight_smile:


I now feel only my partner is the only one really standing up for our endpoints rights to meaningful names, if only I had a functioning imagination…