Do you still listen to analogue source?

I work for a record pressing company, so I may be a bit biased (:thinking:), and even so my listening is still 80/20 digital/vinyl. I have two turntables, both Pro-ject Debut Carbons - one in my office and one at home.

But there’s no reason for a holy war. Digital has introduced a level of exploration and discovery unmatched by any other format, and vinyl brings a physicality and connection unmatched by any other format.

Moreover, I have bought way more albums by indie artists precisely because of discovering them via digital. Unfortunately, I think I’m the minority here. Support musicians, BUY music.


You may already know this and you’re talking specifically talking about doing this within Roon, but you can do this with Sonos, so it’s not completely crazy.

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Definitely…and I have done that using our old SONOS PLAY:5 and CONNECT. If the engineers at SONOS can figure this out, I’m confident that the Roon Labs team can to.

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Over the last few years I have recorded many of my LPs to 24/192 FLAC files using Pure Music/Pure Vinyl software and a Lynx Hilo ADC/DAC. The resulting recordings are comparable in quality commercially available HD downloads. Another benefit is if something happens to a vinyl version, I have a digital backup. Vinyl still the best source I have but the availability of Tidal content for exploration is addicting. It is also frustrating because the quality of the Tidal versions is very inconsistent. Just added Qobuz because my trusted local audio shop says Qobuz quality is a bit better than Tidal.

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Picture of analog stuff.


I still have PTSD (Post Turntable Stress Disorder)

Cleaning, storage, time it takes to get to a track.

Added to my ADHD need to shuffle(I loved the first iPod) I have never looked back.

Thankfully the development of software, servers, dac’s etc continues to enhance the digital sound.

Though I am glad to see younger generation has stimulated vinyl production and it will never die.
I will just have to visit hifi shows or there are now bars with vinyl listening

The only argument against having both analogue and digital sources that I find wholly convincing is the high cost involved.

That aside, it makes little sense to exclude vinyl because there are so many cases where the LP version of an album is significantly better than the digital version. In some cases it is all that is readily available.

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Agree particularly with the current high quality all analog re-issues series… And collecting and playing records is fun.

Lenco L75 (pure wheel drive) :slight_smile: , custom made tonearm. Tubes RIAA preamp. About 1K LPs, mostly classical music.

These are reference over anything else, ever.

Doing digital copies and keep listen them on the way or off home.

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YES…but now I “icecast” my analog & older digital sources to my Roon server. Yes I still listen to all my sources at any end point too. Just not as easy to tee up, but that’s part of the fun. So yes play CD’s SACD, DAT, Lp’s, Reel’s, Cassette’s, 8 track’s and FM radio.

I listen mainly in analogue - HighRes is only an IT hobby, not listening to music …

I have a Sony Walkman armed and ready for occasional use if I find a Cassette of a rare Ish audiobook in a charity shop. Plays great…

Vinyl is great, love the sound, smell and the memories. When I pick up and play Led Zepplin, greatful dead, Dylan, Beatles, it reminds me of HS. Cars I had, friends, girlfriends, etc. Cleaning the vinyl, placing it on the platter and listening and reminiscing, vinyl is an experience. I like digital too.


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Yes! Never sold my records or player. Starting of with Dual turntables. After that I had for 30 years Michell Syncrodeck and Some Gyrodecks.
Last week a dream came true and bought myself a SME12, 309 arm and Ortofon Cadenza Red.
Still having fun listening to my 800+ records.


Great Setup.
I had the Cadenza Red for some years. I upgraded to the Ortofon A95.
Vinyl is still a major listening enjoyment for me.

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I was about 50:50 CD:LP for a couple decades. About four years ago, I decided to invest in my LP chain and upgraded some components. Then about two years ago I decided to finally get my ripped CD library/streaming figured out. I bought an Oppo UDP-205 and checked out what Roon Ready meant. It almost instantly figured out my ripped CD library/streaming situation.

Now my listening habits are 99% ripped CD/Hi-res library via Roon.

I just can’t get into my LPs anymore. Thankfully my son is 99% vinyl, so whatever I choose to get rid of he gets first crack at. I still have about 1,000 LPs that I have collected over the decades, but I don’t love the ritual anymore. Thankfully my LPs don’t have feelings and don’t mind if they don’t get played. The great thing about LPs (and CDs), is that when stored with care, they last for many decades and will be there when I want to play them…someday. :blush:

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While I do enjoy the sound of vinyl, I just can’t deal with the rituals or the “Rice Krispies” effect. I have invested time and money in finding the best digital masterings of my favorite albums. The difference between vinyl and these digital releases are so small that vinyl is not worth the cost, time, inconvenience, or effort to me.

So no, no analog sources for me…


I replaced my Technics SL7 with another one but after a hifi purge/simplification it’s still not in use.

I probably listen to about 60% LP and 30% digital and the final 10% is FM.

I enjoy all of those sources as long as the quality of what I’m listening to is good and I don’t find the rest of the system dissecting it and revealing faults.

Music is a very important way for me to relax,given that I can’t play anything to save my life!

So I have an LP12 with a fully refurbished Lingo and a nice old Ittok with a Koetsu Rosewood signature.
That runs through a Linn Uphorik and then to a Bat VK32,Sanders ESL and stacked Quad ESLs.

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I added this reel to my system this week. Just recorded one song from my digital source and then played it. I was SHOCKED. Noise, detail… so so good. And it looks awesome.