Do you still listen to analogue source?

I still have PTSD
Post Turntable Stress Disorder.

Cleaning records, realizing that the cut I wanted is on the other side, dealing with wrapping, space limitations, trying to read the spine of the album, taking to friend’s house only to find their setup damaged the record, etc, etc, etc

The day I first listen to Wynton Marsalis album Black Codes from the Underground (1985)on a CD and was able to get to the cut I wanted and be able to Shuffle!!!.

Then came a CD Changer for six discs and then digital files first lossy and then lossless. Streaming services!!!

So for 25 years I was constrained by the limitations of vinyl. Once I was freed, I can appreciate the nostalgia and the warm sound and the separate universe of analog sound, but today that stands as an alternative not a necessity.


Took precautions for PTSD. Bought my first high end turntable (Gyrodeck) around 1985 because they were dumped and dropped in price. Never stopt buying vinyl and turntables :sunglasses:

Only CD (rips) and streaming for music.

The analogue sourced are nature and technology in my surroundings.

Glad the departure of those like me helped you more economically continue your enjoyment