Do you suffer from moderate to severe Roon-itis?

Do you:
– Listen to your music more than ever, including artists about whom you never heard because you disappeared into a hyperlink rabbit hole?
– Fool around with up-sampling, just because…?
– Check the community site on an hourly basis and follow ever-lengthening screeds about audiophile cables, esoteric power supplies and MQA rants?
– Pine for the next update, even though your current one is working perfectly fine?
– Seek to optimize an already near-perfect set-up?

Then, yes, you are suffering from moderate to severe Roon-itis. The cure? Continue apace, my friends! Happy Holidays! :joy:


We are all diseased lol :joy:


I want a case of Roon-itis

It’s certainly going to be less terminal than my chances of surviving the
wife if I bring yet another speaker home.


After spending the last two years with home-automation-itis, this current spell of roon-itis is quite soothing (especially for the rest of the family lol).

and the wife doesn’t always notice the new toys, but is hyper aware when empty boxes start collecting in the spare bedroom.

as long as I get a slightly bigger tv every couple of years, they let all the other stuff go by without too many questions lol

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@Harrison_Murchison @Derek_Wyman Ha! My wife twitches when a box arrives unannounced and she knows it’s not a holiday gift for her. When I tell her that it’s for the sound system, she simply shakes her head, as if I were bonkers. And that’s for the boxes that arrive when she’s home! She’d better not look in our condo storage cage… :sweat_smile:

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Yes, no, no*, no, no**.

*More often if I’m in front of my computer or a tablet. :slightly_smiling_face: If people want to waste spend their money on cables, fibre converters, linear power supplies that’s their business. Unsubstantiated claims do grab my attention.

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