Do You Update Rock From Your Remote?


do you update rock from your remote as i got the prompt which i clicked yes but i didnt notice my nuc reboot.
how do you get in the rock webpage to check for updates?


Yes, you update ROCK from the remote. Go into settings/about. And you should see a button to click to do the update.

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Just to add to this: There was no update to the ROCK Operating System, so the NUC did not need to reboot. There was a short pause while version 1.4 installed over version 1.3 before normal outstanding service was resumed.

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Another similar question on the theme - I have two ROCKs on my network one low spec one as an endpoint and another as a server. Only the server shows up in the about section to update.

So I updated the endpoint to V1.4 by the ROCK webpage or would the remote eventually see both and upgrade them from the box on the bottom of the IOS screen when new software is found?

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thanks guys