Do you upsample AND Oversample on high end DACs?

so … I recently got a Denafrips Terminator 12 Anniversary DAC on a Hegel H390 Integrated… I have my roon core on a Mac Mini and connect a USB (quality cable) directly into the DAC and XLR to Hegel while enabling DAC Loop on the hegel …

Ive been debating to upsample using DSP on 44 to 176khz and 48 to 192khz … and have been going back and forth going native with no DSP and with DSP enabled… im not sure there is a difference … some 16/44 are really well recorded… Im not sure it adds anything … I keep the T2 in OS mode… i find that makes a difference

Curious if some do both on External DACs … both Oversample and Upsample at same time ?

thanks and enjoy the music…

PS : bought a few DSD256 recorded Albums … “Meh”

I tried different forms of upsampling with two DACs and I concluded that none of them bring a noticeable improvement.


I’m not surprised. It’s the mastering that matters, not the format.