Docker in Rock?

OK, I know that Rock is supposed to be closed and I understand and agree that it should remain so.

However, the thought does occur that being able to host Linux docker images for the purposes of hosting Roon extensions could be very useful.

Perhaps something on the lines of container station on the QNAP NAS (but simpler) - ie a simplified interface and only support for bridged network (ie able to discover LAN services and be discovered by such) containers.

The perfect seamless user experience (re new releases of extensions preserving config) would need to be thought through before such may be practical and inline with the simplicity of Roon. Normal use of docker tend to be bin the previous image and never actually upgrade it, but extension config files would need to be preserved somewhere or at least automatically transferred which is possible (SSDP based approach perhaps).

Just planting a seed for people to mull over pros/cons :slight_smile: