Does Allo Digione output DSD / DOP?


Here’s a question for anyone owning either the Digione or Signature version… Can you send DSD over PCM (DoP)?

I’d love to setup a Roon endpoint and the digione seems to perform better than the usbridge / based on what I’m reading online. However I’d like to send DSD at least as DoP to my dac.

If anyone has any experience with this or any other option to this “end” please let me know.

Thanks a lot!

Yes, the DigiOne will output DoP. I suspect DSD will work too, but my DAC only supports DoP.

Thanks Martin!

Just out of curiosity, have you compared the roon output via the digione vs. Usb out from a computer? I know there are a lot of factors involved, just as a general opinion…

Also, do you have the digione or the signature?


I have have the original DigiOne and purchased this because I could hear occasional clicks and ticks from USB (Raspberry Pi.)

The difference in sound is small … that’s what I wrote shortly after buying the DigiOne.

Thanks for your input!


I have both DigiOne and USBridge. I also used the USB output of an RPi before I got either. I haven’t had the DigiOne long so haven’t done a proper comparison of it against the USBridge yet. Gut feel says it sounds slightly better than the USBridge, but if so I don’t think it’s much. I reserve the right to change that view though!

I have to say my findings are different to Martin’s re the RPi output. The USBridge was / is considerably better than the RPi output. Which by inference means the DigiOne will be as well. YMMV of course.


I wasn’t aware of that, I was sure mine maxed at 192.

It is. 192kHz is just enough for DSD64 over DoP – which is all you’ll get.

Interesting, I tried once when I first got it and it didn’t work. Dsd64 is all I can do anyway on the Devialet, maybe I set it up wrong or tried to play something higher. Will have another play now I know it can be done!

(Edit, confirmed this works. That said, since I use convolution and peq, the system was too taxed playing a dsd64. I’m guessing I tried it when I first got it and disabled it for this reason. Anyway happy with the 192 pcm output and it uses significantly less resources - down from 0.7x to 6.2x on a dsd64 album)

Thanks Phil!

Thanks for making this clear, I now actually understand how DoP works.

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Have you by any chance compared with an unmodified Mac mini? That’s what I’m looking to replace with something more suitable.

I have been considering all options like modding the mini, cheaper solution like Allo or go all in within an SoTM sms-200 ultra… My feeling tells me the Allo might be a good balance, however I do need dsd at least dop, and while most of my dsd library is 64, there’s the occasional dsd128. Then again, I could just convert via Roon, but I would not like to alter the original signal.

No I have not. Still working fine after all these years.
Have a BeeLink i3 on a 12v rcore power supply
VS the DiGi1SiG on another dual output r-core LPS from ali express.
The DiGi really has better soundstage width and depth especially detail, nuances might be better word, lively comes to mind too.
Using a PS Audio Stellar Gain Pre Dac not my regular gear.