Does anyone at Roon use playlists?

Guys, I have once again fallen into the trap of adding a couple of tracks from existing playlists into the queue and ending up with a couple of hundred tracks being added to the queue instead of 2. This is because the design pattern you have used to 1) add a track from a playlist and 2) add a track from anywhere else is virtually the same but the outcomes are very different. PLEASE can we resolve this as it is so annoying.

PS In answer to my question, no they don’t because they’ve said so in the past…if they did…
PPS have to say…massive congrats on 1.3 - a real step forward and such an achievement.


I don’t think they do, else the problems that do exist, wouldn’t exist.

I think playlists need a little love to get them working as they should.

I’m all for new dsp’s to play with, but when the basics don’t work its a real shame.

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I’ve just been using tags. While not ideal, at least there is an album view.

I am using playlists and is very limited and some what broken…