Does anyone else get the issue where your Roon Arc client constantly need to be set up again?

This is incredibly frustrating. I set up ARC and it works for a time, I’m not sure how long for, but usually by the next time I go to use it I have to connect the account again, requiring a full resync etc.

I’m currently in a cafe, went to use it and yet again, account is gone. And being away from the network, I can’t actually re-connect it. I thought there used to be a manual option - but at least on my phone it does not exist.

I’m wondering if it resets when a new version comes down, but then everyone else would be getting it right? Hence the question. I guess I need to log a ticket, but if anyone else gets this, please do let me know.


I had similar problems, you could try resetting arc, go to “settings” (gear icon) and scroll to the bottom in the ARC app for the red text “reset Roon arc” . It will reset it to “factory” so you will need to re-login and re-download tracks.

For me the unreliability was too much so I gave up and now use plexamp without issues.

Yes, that’s where I’ve been app, I gave up using Roon ARC and just used tidal mobile client, for one thing downloading music is lightening fast - so fast I wonder how I’m getting any quality, there used to be crashes and freezes still last time I used it but this is a deal breaker. The main reason I use ARC is to be mobile and have my playlists sync, but this means that’s not possible. Will try a client reset, who knows. Thanks for reply.

Some day I will get around to playing with the plexamp raspberry pi endpoint - something I would probably recommend to people (I do IT so get asked this kind of stuff a lot), sadly, I can’t recommend Roon at present, horrendously expensive for something that doesn’t give you any music, most people don’t care about home hifi any more unfortunately and the mobile player just doesn’t work to the quality it should. Sad really, but I still love Roon even so. Call me a sucker, but I love my old school home stereo and Roon glues it all together. Plex does it better behind the hood, but I don’t like their interface for music so much, nor in plexamp.

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Thanks for the report @marshalleq and sorry for this frustrating experience. I’m trying to pin down when/why this happens, and have experienced similar things myself sometimes.

Do you have any recollection of what you were doing before/after you opened ARC? When you opened ARC, do you recall which exact screen you were seeing?

If you could get it to happen again, let me know the timestamp and we can pull your logs to investigate.


Thanks, I actually just checked it now and it’s working, which is actually the first time I can remember it doing that in well over a year. I’ll give it a bit of extra attention and report back. Perhaps it’s while away from the LAN or something, though I’m pretty sure it happens at home too.

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