Does anyone know when the Bluesound Pulse 2i will be RAAT certified?

I own the Bluesound Pulse 2 and with Roon the streaming is bit-perfect throughout the chain. Yesterday I just received the new Pulse 2i but there is a tag on Roon that shows that the Pulse 2i is yet to be RAAT certified. When listening to music, what results is less than perfect bit streaming. Frustrating. Does anyone know when Bluesound will make the the Pulse 2i RAAT certified?

That seems odd - I can understand that it might not be Roon certified yet but not why that would affect the bit-perfect streaming, given it presumably runs the same BlueOS. Are you able to post a screenshot of your signal path to show us exactly what’s going on here?

having a similar issue with a Power Node 2i.

and the device icon is generic:

although, it still seems to be using RAAT:

It will work its just not been officially approved by Roon yet and is awaiting certification. When that happens Roon will be updated to display the Bluesound icon and it want say uncertified anymore.

yes, seems to work, just surprised that the 2i is different enough from the 2 to require re-certification.

It’s a new product with new hardware inside, tbh the old one currently is flawed as RAAT sync across RAAT endpoints is broken and likely is the same on the new ones so needs to be fixed

Hi There,

Just bought the Bluesound Node 2i last week to replace the first node and it is recognised in the network. It does play, but the stream shows Airplay and not RAAT, is that due to certification? It was sold as Roon Ready, is anyone able to explain why RAAT is not working. Unit is hardwired via CAT6 cable to my NAS with Roon running on the SD Drive.

Hello Michael

Have you tried to enable the Bluesound via audio settings? It is listed separately as a RAAT endpoint and then an Airplay endpoint. You could activate / enable both or one and not the other… Sorry if you have already checked that.

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Hello Yiannis,

Thanks for the feedback, it now works both with RAAT and Airplay.

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Anyone know when the 2i will be certified? It does seem to work very well just says uncertified still.