Does audio analysis use multiple cores or a single core?

Wondering how many cores are deployed in doing audio analysis in Roon…and if it’s a single core if there’s a possibility to leverage additional cores by analyzing multiple files concurrently?

Roon uses more than one core on my MacBook Pro. Have you checked your activity monitor?

[quote=“chrisbyrd, post:2, topic:4706”]
Have you checked your activity monitor?
[/quote]Nope, running headless. Great that it uses multiple cores so the analysis can be completed as quickly as possible.

In case you missed it @audiomuze – there’s an option on the Setup tab of Settings where you can tell Roon to run analysis faster and use more CPU, if completing analysis quickly is your priority.

For what it’s worth, I run with it set to Fast.

Thanks @mike. Saw the option have it set to fast, just wasn’t sure whether that implied it enlists more cores for concurrent analysis.

This something that I don’t understand the significance of, I have Audio Analysis turned off thinking its one less task for media server but what does it actually do and should it be disabled ?

I think the main purpose is to produce the waveforms, and normalisation and crossfading analysis. I do like the waveforms and they can be handy for navigating within a track. If I’ve got a lot of tracks to analyse I tend to set it to high and leave it to run while I’m out or overnight. Then set it back to normal.

Hi Simon,

From Build 69 onwards I understand Audio Analysis is also used to help preserve edits when moving files between folders. If that is something you would like to do then it would be prudent to enable AA even if you left it to run slowly in the background.

Actually this is not exactly right, although I think I had a hand in spreading the misinformation :neutral_face: sorry about that.

Audio analysis is optional and can be turned off, but it’s required for the three pieces of functionality mentioned above:

Audio extraction happens when new files are added to Roon, or to the files already in your library when you upgrade to Build 69. Going forward, this is how Roon identifies and tracks the files in your library, and this process cannot be disabled.

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