Does changing out the Node power supply really improve sound quality?

Have a brand new Node 2021 N130 edition. Some suggest buying one of the LPS upgrade kits to change the power supply in the Node as it is supposed to make a measurable difference in sound quality. But is this really true? Is this improvement something that would survive blind testing or just confirmation bias?

Looking to hear from real Node owners who have done this upgrade and what improvements were demonstrable. Thanks!

It will change the sound, simply changing the power cable to an audioquest z2 also.

Thanks. Do you - or anyone - have this upgrade specifically. It’s much less expensive than the Teddy Pardo one which costs almost as much as the Node itself.

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I have done it and never regret it, but you need an external PSU too. Sound is great and don’t need the use of my external dacs ( listening sessions to compare with my GD audio Dac and IFI audio Black label dac/amp ). I have let it burning during a week and now it’ s perfect for me. Hope it’ could help you. Sound more natural.
Bluesound Node is a Great Product .

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