Does crossfade actually do anything?

…only it has zero effect here? I’ve tried it on Roon radio and thought maybe it couldn’t get the next track in time to crossfade, so I tried it on a playlist and nope, does absolutely nothing. Well maybe it does fade out the track playing early, but it defo doesn’t fade in the new track at all - big silent gap. Just wondered as It’s not likely I would use it for anything other than party playlists but still, it is there as a feature and it obviously doesn’t work?

I have some processing going on with speaker distance and balance adjustment, but Roon says there’s plenty of overhead (at the moment 36.5x apparently whatever that means?).


I have found it to be very spotty in effect as well, and sometimes harmful (stops first track a few seconds early, next track missing a few milliseconds at the beginning, type of thing).

However, to get a specific idea of your issue, you might try a few things. First, my understanding is that crossfade doesn’t work between different formats. I’m not sure if that means only when different being output or even input formats. But you might try playlists of all 16/44 to see if crossfade works then, or convert all incoming formats to a single outgoing format to see what you get.

Second, play with the number of seconds on the crossfade and see what that does.

I gave up on it, figuring that some later version of Roon will get it right.

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