Does Denafrips Ares II benefit from upsampling?

I’m running Roon 2 on a Mac mini i7 to a Sonore Rendu to Denafrips Ares 2. Have tried different combinations of Roon upsampling. Can’t say I percieve a large difference between any of them. Any opinions on OS on computer vs DAC vs NOS?

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There’s your answer


There are, in my opinion, no big differences to be had.
Still, i prefer to feed my Ares II PCM upsampled to the highest rate available (for the current multiple) and the DAC running in NOS mode. To me that provides the most fulfilling experience.

It also sounds good (a bit better than in OS mode) when provided with high rate DSD, once again i my opinion/system.

That’s pretty much what I’ve settled on. I am upsampling to 352/384 with the DAC NOS and everything sounds very good. I was having problems upsampling higher than that. After playing for a while, the DAC would freak out: screaching, massive distortion. Always been curious what was happening.

My Ares II is very sensitive to “various ground planes” and in some cases fails to initialize properly. Maybe you’re experiencing something similar?
Careful placing, and correct phase of the power cable seems to work things out though. I initially had it connected on USB from my server, with a 5m USB cable, and had issues as the server was powered from another outlet in the listening space.
This has been resolved with the latest firmware (v3.12) and latest Win drivers though.

However, it does PCM768 without complaints, and i have never heard it loose it’s composure like you describe.

A few comments: Maintaining the phase of power cables is usually not a an issue since 3-prong plugs are inherently polarized. Also, my understanding is that a ground plane is within a device and does not refer to inter-device issues.

On the issue of ground loops, connecting all the power cables for your equipment to the same location (outlet) is essential. Having a dedicated outlet is even better, though this usually requires significant (expensive) electric work.

A 5 meter USB cable is very long. I would think this would dfeinitely be a source of problems. I am currently using a USB adapter, instead of a cable, between my Rendu and DAC and I think it sounds better than any cable I’ve tried. Of course, being able to do this is only possible when the size and placement of devices permits.

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