Does DSF multi channel converted to PCM work on NUC 11 HDMI?

I finally got HDMI working on a NUC 11. It works for Hi Res and 2 channel DSF converted to PCM. However, there is no sound when I try to play multi channel DSF converted to PCM. I noticed my receiver says it is receiving “PCM 0”, instead of PCM as an input. I can live with this except what’s annoying is if i then try to switch back to playing a normal 2 channel PCM track, there is no sound and i have to restart the NUC to get sound from any source track. i presently have selected “HDMI O” as the device and i wondered if i needed to select another HDMI device from the HDMI options ROCK shows as options, eg HDMI 1. Any information or solutions for this appreciated!

HDMI 0 works for me and others have mentioned it is the recommendation.

Roon does convert DSD to PCM for playback over HMDI.

For my NUC8I7BEH/Rock the conversion of 5.1 DSD 256 to 5.1 PCM is a multi step conversion and it does play for awhile but it drags the processor down to 1X where skipping starts happening. I have a 8 channel DAC for DSD playback for that reason.

I’m guessing MC DSD 64 would play since it would not have to be converted down in multiple steps and would not be as much of a drag on the processor.

I have no idea why your not getting sound output. It should work. Does the HDMI setup work ok for Stereo for MC PCM files?


it is curious. i don’t have any multi channel pcm files to test.

rock is working for hi res pcm files up to 192 and dsf 2.0 files. only when i play a dsf 5.0 file does the problem occur. in this case i notice roon say it is outputting a 176 pcm signal and my receiver says it is receiving a “pcm 0” signal instead of pcm. i have roon set for up to 192 and my receiver plays 192 hi res signals. it does seem to be a roon issue because once it happens, the only way to get sound from any source is to restart the nuc. i wonder if it’s specific to rock on a nuc 11?

There are some DACs, which cannot handle PCM 176.4…

Thanks for the reply. The fact i need to restart my NUC, instead of my receiver/DAC in order for 2 channel sources to produce sound after playing a multi channel track kills the sound for everything makes me the think it’s Rock related possibly specific to NUC 11.

Did you try setting the output to PCM88 instead? I noticed roon anyways converting DSD to PCM352 as a first step and scaling down to your desired output afterwards:

Well i think Roon only let you set sampling at 192, 96 or 48 and i did try setting it to 96 but i got the same result.

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