Does Innuos allow direct editing of metadata using an external editor?

I’m idly comparing Roon core alternatives. I gather that Innuos-based servers allow remote access to the music files, as expected. I also understand there is some sort of built-in metadata editor.

Does Innuos also allow editing the metadata on the files it stores via an external editor (e.g. Yate, MusicBrainz Picard, etc.)?

I believe the answer is, categorically, no. The available metadata editing is described here:
There are a group of specific functions available using a remote computer on the same network as the Innuos server. Roon recognizes these changes correctly in my experience; I’ve had more problems with the Squeezelite/IPeng application though.

You can edit some metadata directly with the web application of Innuos like artist name, genre, album photo at album level and track level. To mass edit track level data it is possible to use a metadata editor on your computer by connecting to the server via the network and accessing the music folders on the Innuos device. Works very well.