Does Internet Radio just stop for other people?

Trying to decide if this is somehow related to my (all wired) network. I listen to IP radio somewhat frequently, but it will just stop.

Roon pops an error that the station moved or stopped broadcasting, but it always starts up again right away, then stops at seeming random intervals.

Anyone else see this? Couldn’t Roon try to reconnect rather than stop if the user hasn’t hit pause?

IP radio? What station is that?

I had that issue this morning with Radio Paradise Mellow Mix, twice in 5 minutes, but it’s been playing for the last 6 since then without interruption. First time I recall that happening.

Any station. I mean, I haven’t done a survey but of the dozen or so IP radio stations I have tried, they all seem to drop at some point.

I’d never seen it referred to as IP radio, so was confused.

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I just changed the title to be Internet Radio as I also wondered what IP Radio was.

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