Does LANRover interfere with Roon Server?

A thousand thanks for Roon and its creators. I have five endpoints which include two microRendus, all outputting fantastic sound.

If I run LANRover from my main pc (Win10), will it interfere with RAAT and/or network processing?
Given Roon’s quality, could I expect additional sonic gains from the LANRover?
Should I be satisfied with Roon and forget about the other?
As is probably obvious, I have little or no technical knowledge

Since you already own the microRendu(s), I believe there is really no need for additional USB regen/jitter reduction in the audio path. The mR reportedly has it all built in. I have a friend who uses the mR and does not use any other in-line reclocking and thoroughly enjoys the sound from the mR. Why not try your own A/B test and decide if it really changes/improves the sound quality. I do not think Roon sound quality will be affected one way or another.

Hi Steven
I appreciate your suggestions. In my system, one mR powers a DAC, but not the one connected directly to the pc; the other to a powered speaker. Both mRs result in improved sound quality.
I wondered if a LANRover inserted between the pc and my main DAC would further improve the sound from Roon or stuff it up. It’s a lot of money when you can’t know the outcome beforehand. Perhaps I should be happy with the improvements from Roon and the mRs and leave it there.