Does NAD/Bluesound Really Care About Roon Certification?

Does NAD/Bluesound care about Roon certification? Obviously, they have their own streaming platform and want to promote and support that. But as a mid- to high-end manufacturer, it would seem that the Roon Ready designation might be important to them. I know that Roon probably can’t answer my leading question specifically, but whose is the next step? If we know that Roon has done its part, as much as it is capable, then we can direct our efforts and inquiries in another direction (away from Roon and to the cause of the hang-up). It would appear, from all I have read, to this point, that NAD/Bluesound just doesn’t really care or have the facilities to handle this. Is that the impression they want to give all of us potential buyers/future customers? - because that will prevent us from buying any of their current or future products. Feel free to forward my text in their direction, if you think it’s appropriate.

I was really considering the M33, but NAD just doesn’t seem like a company that’s going to keep current with firmware development or Roon support. If Bluesound/NAD wants to evolve beyond their current market (which in my opinion could be diminishing), they need to get on board with full Roon support and keep their firmware contemporary with market demands.

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