Does not find all CDs in a file folder

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+
Running Windows 10
My HHD is plugged directly into the back of the Nucleus via USB
Nucleus+ is hard wired to an adaptor using the houshold power lines to connect to my router
Controlling music selection using Asus Zen Notebook using home wifi

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Nucleus+ connected to PS Audio using USB

Number of Tracks in Library

12,000 CDs
160,000+ tracks

Description of Issue

Problem1 : Does not “see” albums in folders. One of my favorite CDs is Mozart’s Flute Concertos, K622. If I do a search using the search icon at top right and type Mozart then click Mozart/composer that CD does not appear. If i click on ‘composer’ in column on right and select Mozart it does not appear. If i seach using the search key at top right and type K622 it comes right up and says the compozer is Mozart.
This is not isolated to Mozart, it is prevelent with many other composers as well. For example I have ~50CDs in my music folders with “Corelli” as part of the file name but if i search for Corelli in Roon it “sees” about 12.

Roon Problem 2
Problem with multiple artists on one CD. I have a music file folder called “Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Hits of all time” on my usb attached HDD. It, obviously, has 500 music tracks. If I search for this album only about 49 tracks show up and none by Bob Dylan. If I search using the top right search key for “Bob Dylan” it shows 0 tracks by him on the album “Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Hits of all time” (but many other CDs). If I look for Artists/Bob Dylan using the search on the left side I get 11 tracks on “Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Hits of all time”. I started to “merge” the tracks into the album but it became a huge task and I thought why am I doing this, what am I paying roon for?

I have combined these two problems because I think it is a meta data “problem”

Do you have a screen shot of the album?

K 622 is a Clarinet concerto although there are flute transcriptions so depending on how you named the album that will confuse roon. Have you split the albums into separate compositions? Roon is expecting to find complete albums.

This might help:

Roon’s classical music search is steadily improving but it’s still not great.
You may find it easier to locate classical music in your library by using the Focus tab.
For example:

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