Does NUC with ROCK work with Thunderbolt?

I’m considering biting the bullet and migrating from a mini mac to a NUC with Rock. However, I’ve seen some older postings that say a Thunderbolt connection from an external drive won’t work. That’s a problem because my Lacie Big 5 external drive only has Thunderbolt 2 connections which i can convert to Thunderbolt 3/USBC. Can a NUC with a ROCK now work with a Thunderbolt/USB C connection? If not is there such a thing as an adaptor to convert Thunderbolt 2 to a USB type A connection to hook up to the NUC? or to a router? Otherwise i’ld need to look at buying a new external drive which would make migrating to a NUC with ROCK extremely expensive.

One other thing, is a K series NUC with only SSD drive and no SATA drive ok for a ROCK installation or should i only look at H series the SATA drive

Thanks for any help or advice on this

The NUC has a USB C (Thunderbolt 3) socket (certainly since NUC8), and this is backward compatible. However, you’ll need an adaptor since the connector for Thunderbird 2 is different.

Thanks very much for responding. I already have the thunderbolt 2 to 3 adaptor for my mac and can see the NUC has a USB C socket. However other posts on this site suggest that a Rock installation on a NUC cannot make use of the USB C/thunderbolt socket. Do you know whether or not this is true or should i see if other posters know anything more about this?

I use a USB-C drive with the Thunderbolt-3 socket on a NUC8i3 running ROCK. Whether that implies that ROCK was upated in the last couple of years is moot. I’ve seen the same thread, but it is evident that the socket works now.

Is it Thunderbolt-3 or USB-C only? I can’t be certain, but kernel 5 or later does include the driver.

I have Nucleus with a USB-C Thunderbolt port, but it only works with USB devices until now.

Super thanks for that.
Can you tell me which nuc you use, eg 8 or 10

Sorry i now see you said it’s an 8

But another question is are you running windows on the nuc because i understand it works with that but in the past didnt work without windows?

As @OuYangMK says, ROCK currently supports USB-3 only.

That dratted word suggestion at work ??

That’s right, Virgil. :rocket: