Does Nucleus have an optical output?

Simple question: Does Nucleus have an optical output?

I don’t understand the cryptic: 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, 11mm L

These are the dimensions of the power connector.

The Nucleus has USB and HDMI outputs.


That’s a very sparsely equipped piece of gear then.

Not more for any purpose-built item. Think “audio toaster”.

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Okay, but if I need optical Toslink that’s not of much help. I don’t want to use a USB-optical adapter.

Thanks anyway.

Does your DAC support USB? Or only Toslink?

Nucleus is just an Intel mini PC. Almost none in that mini PC category have TOSLINK optical output. It is not even close to standard equipment.


I don’t know if it’s still the case, but when I bought my streamer in 2016, a Salkstream III, I was able to add an optical output as an option. :+1:

Use ethernet from a Nucleus to router (or switch) and ethernet or WIFI from router to a Roon endpoint. If you want multi-channel, then HDMI out of the Nucleus.

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Thanks all of you. I appreciate your comments.

One thing I am wondering about is whether implementing Toslink optical or coax is so expensive that producers refrain from including it in contemporary gear?
Or are there technical reasons, e.g. Toslink made obsolete by other tech solutions’ quality of audio connections?
Or are audio aficcionados becoming less of a commercial target in favour of movie buffs?

What’s your use case ? These days most dac/pre amps have one of each (USB, Optical, Coax). There are some relatively cheap end points (Argon audio Solo, but not available in the US, I fear, for example) where you have Optical and Coax outputs, as well as RCAs.

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