Does ROCK allow dual boot on a NUC? [answer: if you use 2 drives, yes, otherwise, no]

Can ROCK be installed on the Intel NUC in a dual boot configuration that allows to run Win10 occasionally? That would make difference between dimensioning the NUC hardware to run roon only or be used as a general purpose pc occasionally.

If the NUC has 2 bootable drives in it, say nvme for the rock drive and Sata ssd for the windows maybe, but @danny might be the best one to answer that.

You certainly can’t split the single rock drive install as it will overwrite the whole drive at install.

I believe @wizardofoz is correct. The ROCK OS Drive cannot be dual partitioned, it is only a ROCK OS drive. If you have 2 drives you might be able to dual boot if you use the other as a Windows OS and you hit F12 in the BIOS on startup to select the boot drive. However, the Windows OS drive will show up as a potential storage drive in ROCK and clicking on iit to use it as such will result in that drive being formatted.

If you really want to use the machine for both purposes, I’d suggest just load Windows and run Roon Core on that.

I agree with Daniel … run windows on the NUC and run it as a CORE its your best and simplest option.

Thanks guys for the prompt feedback!

This topic seems most germane to my question.
I just bought a NUC7i3BNH for ROCK. I installed 128 Gb M.2 SSD and it’s working fine (other than the fan is making me consider a fanless case). The install guide says that only 1 drive can be used . . . what happens if I use the 2.5" bay for a second internal drive for music storage?

That will work fine. Remember if you are using Rock as your OS it will format the second drive so make sure it is empty before you add it.

Thanks for the reply. Now i need to figure out how to transfer music to the internal drive. lol, I;m such a rookie!

Thank you! The ROCK drive shows up under “Network” on Windows Exploder - I’m a full rookie with networks so had never seen this before. Now I need to figure out why an external 1.5TB drive isn’t not recognized via USB to the NUC. A USB stick works just fine.

Getting into the weeds, is there a preferred USB port for the USB DAC? Maybe I’m overthinking this from my PC-based server?

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