Does ROCK on NUC require ethernet connection?

I have built a NUC 813 and have installed Roon OS. Built according to Roon standards. 128 SSD and 1TB HDD. 8Gb of RAM. All went smoothly until Roon set up. I am stuck at getting an IP address. I think the reason for this is that I need to connect via ethernet. I can do that…but before I move forward…will ROCK always have to be connected via ethernet or is it just this part of the set up and from there on the ROCK server can be connected via wifi. The reason for the question is that my internet comes into the house on the absolute opposite end. Running ethernet will be a hassle. My set up is pretty simple, so it’s probably worth just running windows and adding Roon, if Roon OS won’t let me manage ROCK via wifi after the set up. I currently have my core on my macbook pro and primarily use a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 to listen to music and everything runs great all on wifi. I’m literally just trying to make it so that my everyday computer doesn’t have to be open all the time in order to use Roon.

First connect it via ethernet, then go to the web page of the ROCK (check the IP address), from there it should be possible to enable wifi if it is supported.

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Unless you have an overriding reason to locate the NUC in the same room as the CXN, I’d suggest sitting it next to your router and using a wired connection anyway. Less scope for things to go wrong, and you won’t hear the fan!


ROCK does not support NUC8 built-in WiFi. Some USB WiFI dongle may work.

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Hello @BobV104, and welcome to the community! Our networking best practices article, we advise against using Wi-Fi, but a wired connection would be great.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I was not able to enable wifi but the commentor who suggested that I should connect the NUC directly to the modem and connect endpoints via wifi was exactly right. Everything is up and running great and, most importantly, sounding great. Super grateful for Roon and for this community.

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