Does ROCK on NUC Work With Sonnet Solo 10G?

Does ROCK running on a NUC with Thunderbolt 3 work with the Sonnet Solo 10G Thunderbolt to SFP+ adapter?

I guess it may come down to which version of the Linux kernel Rock is currently using.

According to Sonnet kernel 5+ is needed.

This guy has the adapter working on a NUC with Linux, so I think it may work with ROCK.

ROCK doesn’t support the Thunderbolt port at all… You’ll need to use a proper distro.

Also, for Roon usage, 10GB Ethernet is totally unnecessary… Max bitrate for a single zone is around 50Mbit/s, and thats with upsampling to 768k. That will stress the CPU hard enough that you’ll run out of CPU for multiple zones long before you exceed a 1GB link…

I copy huge amounts of data around my network for testing all the time. I don’t like to wait when I don’t have to. If I can get a 10x boost in speed for this, I do it.

Last year @danny mentioned going to the 5.x kernel soon. I’m wondering if this happened because if it did, support for this should be baked in.

May come with the 2.0 release.

It’s been 5.x for a long time now.