Does Roon add copy protection to exported files?

Does Roon add copy protection to exported files ?

I have discovered that FLAC files from my personal collection are in some way modified by Roon when they are exported from Roon. The FLAC was created after I ripped the file from CDs in my collection.
The FLAC file exported from Roon is a little larger than my original FLAC file on my NAS. The Roon FLAC file will play on some players, but not on others. While my original FLAC plays on all my players.

Is this possible and correctable ?

Export will write your files with a subset of metadata from the Roon database. I think it will leave any tags untouched that are not part of that subset. As far as I know, it will not change the music data, or add copy protection. But that would explain why file size is different.

Which players don’t play?

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I’d recommend reporting this as a support issue. The files can be examined to see what is going on.

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Thank you.