Does Roon Arc Playlist Shuffle Feature Timeout?

I run a large swim meet and tried Roon Arc for the first time last weekend to great success creating curated playlists of both Tidal and my own music. My only issue was that the shuffle feature seems to time out and returns to the original ordered playlist. When I had close to 24 hours of music this meant I couldn’t go back and pick up playing where the shuffle left off, leading to several repeats of songs which I really wanted to avoid. Is there anyway to make the shuffle playlist permanent so that I don’t have to go back and start over creating a new shuffle list and having the same songs used again? Thanks!

Hi @Mike_Kaiman,

Thank you for the report and we’re sorry to hear that you encountered unusual track repetition with the shuffle feature on such a long playlist. We’ll take a look through diagnostics with the team.

Are you able to provide us with the name of a track that repeated, or the title of the affected playlist? This should help us pinpoint the timestamp.


Thanks for getting back to me. It’s the State Warmup Music playlist with 368 tracks. When I hit shuffle it played for awhile and then when I would go back after a session when I opened the list again it reverted back to being organized by band name. When I hit shuffle again it would replay some tracks again as if I never hit shuffle in the first place. Hope this helps. Love your service and this is a minor issue nothing more.

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