Does Roon ARC Provide Hi-Res Audio?

check this:

does your poor connection happen on 48Khz flacs?

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Just checked the tread and it is very similar (almost identical) to my experience.
Will settings on main Roon app (not ARC) influence this?
In DSP I have set to transcode source to 48kHz because my cinema processor like this better.
In the signal flow ARC says that 96/24 is transcoded to 48/24 and I have not asked for this in the ARC app (setting is ‘original format’ over mobile network).
Having said this, I have a lot of 48kHz flac material in my library, however were I got problems were mainly on native 96kHz during preliminary testing.

I have all my settings to “Original format”, connected DH80S to my Android device.
Played 192kHz. DAC illuminated properly as it should for this sample rate BUT ARC displayed ‘High Quality’ because of the last step: “Output AAudio.”.

I have testet with all kind of formats and it works unconditionally as long as Original format is selected for mobile.
Using my iPhone as the renderer means that everything is downsampled to 48kHz, nevertheless. I reckon this is due to Apple restrictions.

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Infotainment System (CarPlay) and Bluetooth broadcasting via Roon Arc from my cellular.
It is also possible to control Arc via the car media interface: