Does Roon Backup actually work?

I have had a real problem losing all my Roon backup info which occured when I migrated my Roon core while also upgrading to 2.0. The support folks are working with me to find a fix but in the mean time I am interested to know if there are others who have had problems when attempting to do a restore. In my case I always dead end at the screen that advises this will take a little time. The next message I get is that the restore failed and just leaves it at that. No path but to back out and attempt the restore again if you are so inclined. I have been told that restoring backups made under Roon 1.8 to Roon 2.0 should work. It has not for me.

Not my experience, restored a number of times without any drama, did it quite recently after 2.0 update as my main core needed to have some maintenance. Went back and forth no issues.

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I’ve never had a problem restoring a backup. I use a Roon Nucleus and do nightly automatic backups to an attached USB HDD.

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Reassuring to hear. I hope support can help me fix my problem.

The Backup/Restore logic is Roon’s weak sister, IMO.

It used to be much worse.

I had issues with roon recently and switched device a couple of times using back ups then bought a nucleus plus and used the backup to restore from there. Worked every time. Also messed up my libraries in one of the switches and had to use an older backup. That also worked.

My local library is huge and Roon Backup struggles with it. I use Clonezilla to back up the entire Roon OS drive as an image. It’s fast, easy, free and works perfectly.