Does Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi support MQA hardware rendering?

I have an ifi iDSD signature which supports MQA rendering. When connected to a Mac, the last step in the signal path before output is “MQA Renderer”, as expected. But when connected to the USB port on a Raspberry Pi, there is no Renderer step. I have “Renderer Only” turned on in settings for both.

@support, is this supposed to work or is this the expected behaviour?


I see that you have flagged Support, and they will respond, but I’ve moved your question into the Roon Software category of the Forum, as it has to do with how Roon Bridge works on a RPi. Thanks.

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Yes it does. Try powering it all off including your core. I have had this a few times and rebooting it all including the DAC sorted it.

Thanks, I’ve just tried that and I still can’t get it to show up in the Signal Path.

However the Audio Format LED on the iDSD is lighting up magenta which means it’s detecting MQA… so I guess it’s working but just not displayed by Roon for some reason.

Hello @matt,

MQA HID Signal Path reporting tends to be spotty on Linux due to various dependencies. If the LED is lighting up magenta when playing MQA it’s safe to assume everything is working correctly in the audio chain.


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Thanks for clarifying

Works fine for me with Ropieee on the Pi