Does roon delete files from disk?

After my first music scan I missed some files in the roon library.
My music files are stored on a usb-disk attached to my router Fritzbox 7490. So I checked the usb-disk and found, that these files were missing there too.
They were mainly additional versions of music tracks stored on that disk, e.g. the same piano sonata played by a different artist.
I’m rather sure, that these files were stored on the disk before the roon scan.
I can image that roon recognize such tracks as doublettes and does not add them to the library, but delete a file from disk without asking??

Roon will never delete a file from music storage without asking, and it will ask you if you are sure, really sure, and really, really sure that you want to delete a file…


It will recognise duplicates but will still add them to your library. As Geoff said, it will never delete without you having to click through numerous ‘are you really sure’ dialogue boxes.
Even then, after clicking through those, people complain it has deleted files…