Does Roon Do Appropriate Housekeeping?

So I was doing a bunch of searches in order to tag a bunch of albums to use as a playlist, based on one of those Top 50 lists on music websites. The searches became VERY slow and the whole interface slowed down. I did a search for Nirvana and it appeared to hang.

So then I restarted Roon on the core and left it open on my remote. After Roon restarted on the core, my remote reconnected and then immediately went back to search for Nirvana.

This made me wonder: does Roon “clean up” process requests and threads after the user moved on? Is this something between the remote and the core where the remote keep sending requests until it receives a response from the core? Maybe this is partly responsible for the search and interface slowness that is STILL happening, although maybe less than it used to?