Does Roon Exclusive Mode Over Rule My DAC Streamer?

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Windows 10

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USB to Cambridge cxnv2

Morning. When connecting roon via USB to my cxnv2 streamer, choosing the Cambridge USB 2 driver. The audio path does not show the upsampling step to 24/384 which is meant to happening on all digital connections on the streamer. The screen only shows the incoming rate. However when I choose the roon ready WiFi option on the streamer it shows the full path including the upsampling step within the streamer. Is thus being passed by using the exclusive wired connection.

Any help much appreciated

It means the when used as a DAC it’s not reporting back to Roon that’s all. DACs don’t say what there internal sample rates. They show as the DAC and that’s all you get in any scenario. When using RAAT, part of the deal is for it to feedback all of what is happening in the music chain as its part of the of the software on the system.

Thanks very much for the info. I was just puzzled why the 2 were different. So wired showing as a DAC and WiFi reporting as an endpoint. I think that makes sense.

Much appreciated :+1:

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