Does Roon have a problem with negotiating?

I’ve followed the discussions about Qobuz and Tunein, and whether they would appear on Roon. Both seemed close to completion, but fell down because of “legal nonsense” or the other side’s lack of interest.
Like, probably, many others here I use, and have used, more than one brand of control software. Other front ends (I have have 2 others in operation!) integrate many music services. Roon is Tidal exclusive. Tidal is good, but not as comprehensive as the lossy services, or as strong in specialist areas as the niche services.
Negotiation can be about many things, I have no idea if it comes down to money or other factors. Sometimes you do have to invest to maintain or broaden the appeal of a product.

Negotiating must include willng participants AND a good deal for the company and its client base. Like MQA, it doesn’t appear as technical difficulties are the only hurdle.

Simple negotiatin may be - but where is the art of negotiation?
I assure you - the best negotiators always achieve their purposes…

And when the deal isn’t in their best interest, they forego it.

One word. Brexit :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if Obamacare was one word or two!

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Woah Phil. You are in high danger of triggering discussion on real life. I would cry if I contributed to community.Roon turning into something like the comments section of the Daily Mail or Breitbart.

I won’t mention MQA then. Oops