Does Roon have a "road map" for upcoming features?

Does Roon have a “road map” for upcoming features and the status of feature requests? As I browse through the Feature Request forum, there’s a lot of official replies about upcoming things, but they can also be years old. And needless to say, there are a lot of duplicate requests. Now I understand that you can’t (and shouldn’t) address all of them, but for the ones you’re working on (e.g. Discogs integration) some sort of timeline would be useful, and boy howdy that would be great @support

This has been much discussed some time ago and is not likely to happen.

Well, it seems that the answers of the devs here are rarer than before and more and more inadequate, at least for my requests (shared with others). This is increasingly evident in recent months/years. So for a roadmap, well…

Problem is when the Roon team shares future features, forum members complain that a feature is not immediately forthcoming or within the time frame expected by the user. I think maintaining a low profile about upgrades is a much smarter play from a business standpoint. I like the program as is, and if / when they give me more features, I’m happy. My two cents. YMMV.


Roon hasn’t made any promises about keeping users advised regarding future development. All that they have said is that there will be continuing development. Occasionally they say a bit more about particular features, but an earlier experience with publishing a timeline was very unsatisfactory. I think @rugby compared it to the fervour usually associated with patches to MMORPGs.

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Announcing their intention to add new feature X could also cause Roon potential/hypothetical legal issues.

If new feature X ends up being delayed a long time or even cancelled when product strategy changes (to meet new market demands) or it proves simply too darn difficult (and therefore expensive) to implement, a license purchaser could have a case to claim a refund on the basis that Roon had publicly stated that they were planning to introduce this feature. Hence why software companies will typically only tell people what their plans are under an NDA. All very boring I know…

And of course, of they say they are working on new feature X, they will just get hounded all the time by folks asking when it will be ready.

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