Does ROON modify the sample rate conversion?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacBookPro / MacOS

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Pioneer N70AE using ChromeCast (or Airplay?).

Description Of Issue

I have Qobuz since yesterday.

When I click to see and check the path of the file, everything is OK, except I can see Qobuz is 96kHz in native, and Roon converts always to 48kHz, and so it’s said High Quality and not Lossless when mouse on the green dot.

Is it normal and do I listen to the best quality available?

Excuse me for my bad english.
Jean-Marc from France.

Does this happen with both Chromecast and AirPlay? I think Airplay is limited to standard res (44.1). Chromecast should go up to 96kHz, but not sure if your Pioneer’s implementation is limited to 48.

Can you post a screenshot of the signal path?

Thank you hacker19.

The pioneer isn’t adhering to google standards in telling devices what it can handle so roon is downsampling to 48. It happens on a lot of devices.

Thank you Ged.

Does it mean I have to replace this device if I want to fully enjoy QOBUZ quality?

what about BLUESOUND 2i?

but I enjoy the SABRE Pioneer’s DACS

It means you need to get a different interface/endpoint which will allow higher resolution streams. For example, you could get an Allo digione which will accept ethernet in (and be seen immediately as a Roon endpoint) and output Coax SPDIF which you can then attach to your Pioneer via the digital Coax interface.

You should be able to use a Node 2i in the same way. Ethernet IN and Coax out to the Pioneer. Although that is a much more expensive box.

I think the problem is the Chromecast: it converts to 48 kHz.

I tested with AIRPLAY: it converts in 44,1 kHz.

My Pioneer is wired via Ethernet on my network ;as is a SYNOLOGY NAS 1512.

I have my ROON interface on a another MacBookPro and on my iPhone.

Why would I use an ALLO DIGIONE?

You indicated you wanted to get higher resolution music to your Pioneer. I just presented the DigiOne as one option that would do that. You could also opt for an old Chromecast Audio which would give you 24/96.

There are a couple of threads on the forum already detailing the probably issue with receiving >48 with your device. Read this one.

Roons Chromecast implementation is borked. They followed Google’s spec to the letter where nobody else does. It relies on a metadata flag on the device to tell Roon it’s capabilities, pretty much no manufacturers use this at all. Result Roon downsamples everything. Whilst its great they followed the rule book, it’s not much use if no one else does and you don’t get the full capabilities big your device.

Interesting test today:

Always through Chromecast and from the App QOBUZ on my MacBook Pro:

I went out via coaxial cable from the Pioneer to my DAC McIntosh MDA1000: when playing , this one shows 96 kHz.

Now, if via ROON, the MDA1000 shows 48 kHz if the original file is 96 or 192.

So it’s ROON who down converts.

What do you think please?

I said what its doing one post up.

Thank you very much Simon; now, how to read 96 or 192 files via ROON in an unconverted output file?

Change of device?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. If your using Chromecast currently switch to something using Roon bridge such as A raspberry pi or buy s dedicated turnkey endpoint.

Your explanation “one post up” doesn’t explain why the DAC MDA 1000 will play 96 kHz using the Qobuz app, but plays 48 kHz using Roon. The MDA must have the flag since it can get 96 kHz, so the issue seems to be with the Roon.

PIONEER N70AE on their website:

Hi-Res Audio File Playback via USB/Network

You can play up to 11.2 MHz DSD (Direct Stream Digital)files, and up to 192 kHz/24-bit WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and Apple Lossless file from a USB device or via wired or wireless network.

I went further in my investigations, and it’s interesting:

I plaid the QOBUZ App on my MacBookPro wired with a WireWorld cable jack-optical to optical going into the optical input of the Pioneer, and bingo:

I’m able to play 192 and 96 kHz files, as indicated on the Pioneer front screen!!

So what about Roon? How to set up my MacBook Pro to make him out via this cable? In LOCAL I presume?

Eliminate Chromecast from the signal path.

It’s what I did, I let the MacBookPro wired and I use my iPhone as a remote control.

I can play 192 kHz files now, and I’m happy.

Do you think I should setup the sample rate conversion to the maximum my Pioneer can handle, ie 192 kHz, whatever the initial sample rate(44,1, 48, 96 etc)?

Thank you in advance.

Yes it does explain it Roon relies on the metadata flag on the device in question to tell it it can take above 48/24. Hardly anybody uses this flag at all infact the only ones I know is the Chromecast audio dongle. I said it’s borked because of Roons reliance on this. Qobuz doesn’t bother with the flag so it sends it on as it is and let’s the device deal with it.