Does Roon Nucleus USB recognises Antelope Zodiac Gold

I am new to Roon and new to this forum.
I currently using a Roon Nucleus running on OS 1.8.
I decide to purchase an used Antelope Zodiac Gold and want to connect it to my Roon Nucleus by USB.
Does Nucleus recognise the Zodiac Gold easily and be seen in signal paths without installing any drivers?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is quite an elderly piece of hardware. It supports USB Class 2 so it should work but it seems to be a PCM only DAC so Roon will convert DSD to PCM. I think the only thing you need to ensure is you have the USB switched to UH2 mode.

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Thank you Henry
Considering it because I may use it to de-jitter and pass digital signal back to my Blur Brown DAC from its AES/UBU or SPdif digital out. Not sure if it make sense. :slight_smile:
I found direct USB output from Nucleus is not as good as USB output from my Melco library. Even though streaming from Tidal. Please kindly correct me if I and wrong.

I was interested in Antelope back in the day but have never owned one so I don’t know how their pass through works. But it strikes me as being quite a complex way to do things. I can’t disagree with your assessment of Melco vs. Nucleus connected direct mainly because I have never personally made the comparison. Anecdotally others have come to similar conclusions though.

Thank you Henry.
I actually love both Roon and Melco and want to keep both as source.
However, I have only one USB input from my DAC. That’s why I need a USB DDC bridge to Roon or Melco. Antepole has functions of DDC and DAC. My thought is that I can use Antepole as DDC or DAC and even Head Amp in case I am wrong. :slight_smile:

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