Does Roon plan to add a two-way sync capability?

I have only recently started using Roon and was really surprised this option does not exist! Does Roon plan to add a two-way sync capability or is there a reason why they are not planning to implement it?

Had this question already addressed to the customer service but they referred me to the forum. Unfortunately i can’t find an answer on this forum.

I think this is a big wish for me and many others: “Two way synchronization between Roon and the streaming platforms, "in my case Qobuz”! Now, when i find a track in Roon that i like, i have to look it up in the Qobuz app and add it to one of mine preferred playlists in Qobuz. Then i have to synchronize Roon to update the Qobuz playlist in Roon! When I only add a track to the playlist in Roon my Qobuz playlists will not be updated thus they are not equal and this is pretty annoying! I just want to work in Roon and edit my playlists over there and not constantly have tot switch between applications, besides it’s very time consuming!

i hope the Roon product team will also read this and respond to my request! Hope you can make this feature happen Roon!

Thanks in advance.

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I’m thinking that in order for Roon to do this the streaming provider has to play along.

Unfortunately not a very active community here! Customer service referred me to this “active” forum!

Roons playlists are capable of holding local music and from both streaming services in the same list so likely one reason it doesn’t sync back. it does not have specific playlists for each service when in Roon they are Roon playlists not Qobuz ones anymore I guess they either need just service specific ones that would sync back or need better code to only sync back what’s in that particular service.