Does Roon play DSD as is?

Does Roon play DSD as is? Or does it always covert it to PCM first?

Roon can do native DSD.
What hardware you’re using for your Core and Endpoints can introduce some variables but with the right hardware the answer is yes.


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Thank you sir!
I also have the MicroRendu. I was thinking of adding a minidsp shd to it. I wonder is the shd does dsd.
I would also like to play multichannel music thru roon.

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DSP and DSD do not mix really. DSP must be done as PCM.

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So 2 channel remains dsd.
Multichannel converts to PCM.
Makes sense.

No, that is not what Rugby wrote, which is correct. Any conversion scenario depends upon multiple factors.


As Andrew wrote: Read Rugby’s comment again.
If you use any DSP in Roon or an external DSP like the minidsp, then all DSD will converted to PCM.
But if you try HQPlayer, then it’s possible to use the internal DSP without converting into PCM, but therefore you need a lot of CPU/GPU.

Thanks. I read that wrong.

In some cases the endpoint may need to be configured to DoP vs DSD Native.

For instance the new PS Audio DirectStream MKII has a new USB chipset that requires an update in the Rendu OS so that the Rendu will recognize the Native DSD capabilities of the MKII. Switching the Rendu to DoP, Roon is able to pass DSD up to and including DSD256.

The difference is related to a change from the XMOS series of processors most with USB embedded. Now the DS MKII uses ComTrue.

I understand that SoTM endpoints require this setting change as well.