Does Roon Server offer better sound?

Hi all. I’m trying out Roon right now. Before I was using Jriver on my music server. Roon definitely sounds different. Not sure which I like more, but I’m leaning towards Roon.

Anyway, right now my music server is running the full Roon package. I tried getting Server to run on it, but even though it installed fine, I couldn’t get my iPad to hook up with it.

I’m sure I could fix this problem if I tried, but that brings up the question: Does it matter? Does Room Server sound any better than the full Roon install?


I think the answer depends on a) people opinions and personal preferences and b) what set up you have in terms of PC hardware and how you are outputting the music to your hi fi. Several folks will recommend that you minimise the load on the media pc that is responsible for the audio output by running roonserver only and then using a remote client.

In my setup, it just made sense to only install roonserver on my media pc under the TV and then control it via my macbook, android phone or ipad. The media pc outputs the audio to a Raspberry Pi over the network which has a HiFiBerry Digi+ add on card which in turn sends the digital signal to my Naim DAC.

I think you might need to think a little more about what the full package includes.

But the short answer is no. Unless it makes you feel better in some warm and fuzzy, new-age, shakuhachi-tinged way. In which case, turn off all your translation tools and stop using online dictionaries, which you really shouldn’t need anyway.

Uncle Bill

Good to see you here, Bill! (And the shakuhachi I play is not new-agey!!!)

I guess it makes sense to just download the Server version as well, and compare sounds. (I assume I can have both on my server at once, as long as only one is running at a time.)

No, not at all. The only difference is that RoonServer does not have a GUI interface and has an option to launch at startup. So if you install RoonServer you need to have Roon installed somewhere else as a client to configure the server. You can indeed have RoonServer installed and install Roon on the same machine as a client for setup.