Does Roon share what I'm listening to with Tidal?

Normally I just access Tidal through Roon but today I used the app to go there directly so I could check on something I’d read about Tidal. While I was there I noticed that Tidal had lists of music I’d listened to. One of the things that jumped out at me in the October list was the second item, Highwomen. According to Roon, I added a 24/96 version that I bought from HD Tracks on 9/19 or, more than a year ago. I checked the versions and while, Tidal has an online version of it, I do not have it added to my library. I can understand how Tidal knows when I’m playing something from them but how do they know when I’m playing something from my local library? Going through some of the other months of My Most Listened to I didn’t have any trouble finding more examples of things in my local library without any connection to Tidal that were listed. Does anyone know how Tidal can track what I’m listening to if it’s not from them?

I don’t think Roon shares your plays of local music back to Tidal. To investigate you might look in Roon under history and scroll through October and verify that the version played in October was your local library version and not the Tidal version.

Many times, if you let Roon Radio take over, it will play the streaming service version, even if you have the album locally in your library. This might be what happened.

Thanks for the suggestion, according to my history the version that was played came from Tidal although I don’t know why, I don’t use Radio very often. Thanks again.

Interesting question! So if I play a local file, and the recommendations on the right side come in from tidal, then Roon must have shared my local file info with Tidal? @danny ?

Roon’s recommendations come from Roon not from Tidal. Tidal (and Qobuz) are only the source of the music files. Any recommendations, radio, etc come from Roon’s Valence AI.

Thanks Daniel

Valence AI huh! Once met the head of Seed Scientific who were acquired by Apple to work on their Apple Music algos, he spoke about how his algo AI could tell you were in NYC and it was evening in spring and play something by relevant by Doris Day etc… Fascinated to know how much Roon invests on the technology side of things versus the Valence and metadata side of things, but I guess that’s competitive info.

I have noticed recently that the recommendations have remained “static” meaning they rarely change for the track I’m listening to, even if my library has significantly evolved for that genre over several months. or maybe it’s cleverer than I because whereas I think it’s evolved, Valence thinks nah he’s listening to the same old stuff he doesn’t want new variations :joy::joy::joy:

We do not share anything with Tidal other than who played what.

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