Does Roon support any portable DACs?

I’d go mad if that happened here.

I am buying the same amp/dac Earmen Sparrow to use with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+). In order to play Roon via the Sparrow, do I need any other piece of software (like bit perfect “USB Audio Player Pro”), or Roon will direct its output to the USB C port, bypassing the phone’s DAC?
(I hope my question is clear…)

Roon won’t see any DAC if using Android as it uses Android system audio stack. It will play through it but wont be bit perfect and will resample to 48/24 or whatever the system reports back what the phones DAC supports.

Just FYI, I have reported to EarMen a number of severe issues with the Sparrow on my Mac - it stops playing after a while and even leads to random restarts due to kernel panics, most probably due to a conflict with CoreAudio or similar framework.

They have told me they are getting in touch with ESS to see what the problem is/identify a workaround, and promised to revert once an answer is given.

Not sure the same happens with Windows, but be advised - this problem happens independently of software used, be it Roon, Audirvana or even nothing.

Could it be a faulty unit?

Thanks. Does this happen only with Android? i.e. iOS there is no problem with Roon identifying the DAC?

Roon doesnt identify it on iOS either but it’s bit perfect on iOS regardless. It’s just a quirk of the OS. There is no resampling like on Android for external DAC.

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It could - but I won’t bet on it.

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