Does Roon support DSD via Asio for exaSound dac?

I can’t seem to get Roon’s ASIO setting to work with my ExaSound 22 dac.

I am running Roon v1.2 (build 165) on a Macbook Pro (OS X 10.9.5) feeding into an exaSound e22 dac. I have no problem playing native DSD via Roon’s Core Audio. When I try to activate Roon ASIO for the exaSound (using Roon Audio Settings) I get a message that the device initiation failed.

Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks

I have an e28 connected to a mac mini and have no problems with ASIO.playing DSD or PCM

From memory (currently at work), to change from core audio to asio, assuming the dac is properly recognized by the mac, I have to change to setting in the exasound dashboard from core audio to ASIO and await for the message to appear saying that ASIO is now active. Then back in Roon and in the audio settings retry/redetect the ASIO endpoint and the message changes from "device initiation failed " to active or what ever it actually says and sounds come out.

Auto switching from Core audio to Asio and back wouuld be nice if the Exasound device/driver could manage it.

If this fails have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the exasound dashboard, or tried to use another player software that is ASIO aware, to try and isolate whether its your asio setup or Roon?


Paul - Thanks for the confirmation that Roon does indeed support ASIO on exaSound dacs. I tried your suggestion of uninstalling/reinstalling and I now have ASIO playback of DSD. Thanks